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Lazy D Ironclad Outlaw Josey Wales  X Gropetti Lazy D'ance With You.
Born 11-8-2002

Hoss is the love and light of my life and I can go on and on about him for hours.  He is so awesome.  He amazes me everyday.  The love that he gives is unbelievable.  He is so beautiful and happy.  He loves to snuggle and be close.  He always wants to have a toy.  He must pick up a toy and carry outside with him, then on the way back in to the house he has to pick up a toy to bring back in with him.  He truly loves his toys!!  He is such a big boy; I am waiting until he is a little older before I take him out to the show ring.  I am enjoying the time we spend together so much; I donít want to share him with anyone!! 
I purchased Hoss from Nancy Walker Lazy D Mastiffs.  I canít thank Nancy enough for brining Hoss into my life.  Watch out world he is coming out soon!!!

Hoss's Slide Show

Special Thanks:  I donít even know where to begin.  Thank you doesnít seem to be enough.  Special thanks to Nancy Walker, Lazy D Mastiffs for selling Hoss to me and for breeding such and outstanding litter.  Thank you to Mary Alexander, IronClad Mastiffs for breeding Hoss's beautiful Grandma Ivana..  Thank you to Patti Groppetti for this breeding also!  
You all did an  awesome job.  You have Wonderful lines and outstanding kennels!!  

Hoss is very proud of his Grandma Ivana !
Owners: Mary Alexander and Nancy Walker

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